Aszemar Glenn Eclectic Pianist-Composer

Aszemar Glenn is based out of Seattle, WA and presently is the Managing Director of Saint Johns Music. He is an american music musicologist, composer, and eclectic pianist, he has contributed to the Smithsonian Foundation Black Past Web site. Mr. Glenn a native of Portland fell in love with soul, gospel and pop music at a young age and, later, trained in classical music while a student at Pacific University. He has participated in international piano competitions endorsed by the Van Cliburn Foundation and has been feature on regional and public broadcasting television. He earned his Fine Arts degree at Pacific University in the disciplines of Art, Dance, Theater, and Music. Mr. Glenn has numerous achievements in his career, being awarded the OMTA state music award in music composition and two National Endowment for the Arts grants, one in composition the other in performance. As soloist he performed with the Willamette Falls Symphony and the Jewish Community Orchestra the world premiere of “Reclere” a piano concerto by internationally known composer Klaus Cornell and in 2004 his own first symphony was performed by the Oregon Cascade Symphony. In 2011 he wrote a jazz suite for piano entitled “S.S.S” that paid tribute to black jazz artist of past. Suite “S.S.S.” was performed by the composer in a lecture style performance called Black Composers of Oregon past and present funded through and presented at the Multnomah County Library, which included Richard Moffatt's “American Dance Suite”. He now divides his time between working on his original music, performing and managing the Saint Johns Music Series.

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Sunday July 30, 2017 * works by Aszemar Glenn, Mozart, Moussorgsky * location: St Johns Christian Church 8044 N Richmond Ave * time: 4 PM

Sunday August 6, 2017 * Prelude in Slow and Demonic Dance by Aszemar Glenn, Sonata in Bb Major by Mozart, Pictures at an Exhibition by Moussorgsky * location: Lincoln Center at Portland State University * time: 3 PM

Sunday September 10, 2017 * In Elegant Style and First Arabesque by Aszemar Glenn, Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven * location: St Johns Christian Church 8044 N Richmond Ave * time: 4 PM

  • Jewish Community Orchestra
  • Old Church Recital Series
  • McMenanmins Dome Theatre
  • Universtiy of Portland
  • Portland Eagles Lodge
  • Central Hotel
  • Cannon Beach Community Church
  • St. Johns Christian Church
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting's “Tapestry Program”
  • Arts in the Park, Hillsboro Arts Council
  • Chamber Music Workshop, City of Portland
  • Concerts in the Park, City of Pasadena
  • Jazmin Community Festival, Oregon Arts/Metropolitan Arts Commission
  • Willamette Falls Symphony’s world premiere performance of Klaus Cornell piano concerto
  • Storer Cable TV's “Art Beat”
  • Forest Grove Library, concert performance sponsored by the Friends of Forest Grove Library
  • Hollywood Theatre
  • Keene State College
  • Oregon Ballet Theatre Nutcracker Gala 2004
  • Reedwood Friends Church

Please contact Maestro Glenn at maestro[at] address: Aszemarcus Multimedia . PO Box 31063 . Portland, OR 97231 to discuss hiring or commissioning the maestro.

Allegro Barbaro..Bartok * Tippin' My Hat..Glenn * Danze..Debussy * Pathetique..Beethoven

In Elegant Style..Glenn * Jeux d'Eau..Ravel * Elite Syncopations..Joplin * Pictures At An Exhibition..Moussrgsky

Gymnopedie No.1..Satie * Enchantment No.5..Glenn * Preludes..Gershwin * Bminor Sonata..Chopin

2nd Piano Concerto..Rachmaninoff * Rhapsody in Blue..Gerswhin * Piano Concerto in G..Ravel

About Me

Aszemar Glenn is a Portland native who fell in love with soul and gospel music at a young age and, later, trained in classical music while a student at Pacific University.


Aszemar Glenn composer-pianist

I plan on producing more original music from now on.


My music

Music can be purchased through my Band Camp Website the link is provided on this page. My music is still evolving. Which it should! I consider myself a musical mutt, you can quote me on this, for I draw from many different influences and sources.